Tuesday, 17 July 2018

We try thalassotherapy in the Sardinia where long-livers swear by the relaxing and healing properties of seawater.

They say the most stressful moments in a person’s life are divorce, bereavement and moving house.

Thus far, I’ve managed to avoid the first two, but I went through the mortgage process for the first time this summer. Needless to say, ‘they’ were right and no ordinary beach break was going to revive the anxious, property-owning husk I had become.

So I sought out alternative relaxation in the form of thalassotherapy. ‘Thalassa’ in Greek means ‘the sea’ and ‘therapeia’ unsurprisingly means ‘treatment’. The theory goes that we’re all essentially fleshy bags filled with guts and water. As 70 per cent of us is water, we feel most at home when we’re immersed in the stuff, especially at different temperatures as it would have been when we were merely amoebas floating about waiting to grow legs.

By Melissa York.
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Monday, 16 July 2018

Modern Classic Hotel in Shenzen, China to charge Americans more over Trump's tariffs.

A hotel in the Chinese city of Shenzhen plans to charge its US guests an extra 25 percent amid a trade war between Beijing and Washington, according to the Global Times, a tabloid published by the ruling Communist Party's People's Daily.

The Modern Classic Hotel Group had put up a notice at its hotel informing guests of the extra charge on American guests, the paper said in a report dated Thursday.

"We put up the notice last Friday. Our boss was really angry about the endless tariffs the US planned to impose on China, so we decided to stand with the country and show our support," a spokesperson of the hotel surnamed Yang told the paper.

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Friday, 13 July 2018

Ryanair flights: Pilots announce TWO more strikes to take place this month.

Ryanair flights: Two more pilot strikes have been announced
RYANAIR flights could be affected again as pilots in Ireland have announced two more strikes to take place this month following yesterday’s action which saw 30 of 290 Irish flights cancelled.

Ryanair cancelled 30 of its flights from Ireland yesterday thanks to pilot strikes.

Thousands of passengers were forced to take alternative methods of transport following the cancelled flights.

The pilot union FORSA have since announced two more days of strikes expected later this month.

The 24-hour strikes will take place on 20 July and 24 July, following disagreement over promotions and seniority.
It comes as peak summer holiday season starts with UK schools breaking up for the year.

By Kara Godfrey.

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Thursday, 12 July 2018

Ryanair Pilots's Strike Hits Thousands Of Passengers Between UK and Ireland As Flights Cancelled.

More than 5,000 Ryanair passengers have had their flights to and from Dublin cancelled by a pilots’ strike on Thursday 12 July. 
The airline, which is the biggest budget carrier in Europe, grounded 30 flights between the UK and the Irish capital.

Six flights to and from Gatwick were cancelled, along with four linking Birmingham, Bristol, Liverpool, Manchester and Newcastle with Dublin. Round trips to Stansted and Glasgow were also grounded.

Members of the Irish Air Line Pilots’ Association (IALPA) directly employed by Ryanair are in dispute about arrangements for transferring flight crew between European and North African bases as well as seniority and annual leave arrangements.

The two sides failed to reach an agreement after seven hours of talks.

By Simon Calder.
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Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Airbus Introduces the A220-100 and A220-300.

Airbus has revealed the A220 at a ceremony held at its Henri-Ziegler Delivery Centre, near Toulouse. Witnessed by Airbus employees and members of the global news media, the A220-300 landed directly from the painting at 12:25 am CEST wearing its new Airbus name and colours.

The A220 family comprises two models, the A220-100 and A220-300, formerly Bombardier Inc.’s C Series (CS100 and CS300). The aircraft are fully optimized for the 100 to 150 seat market and perfectly complement Airbus’ existing best-selling A320neo family.

“Everyone at Airbus has been looking forward to this historic moment. Today, we are thrilled to welcome the A220 to the Airbus family and are honoured to see it wearing its new Airbus colours for the first time,” said Guillaume Faury, Airbus President Commercial Aircraft, “I pay tribute to all the women and men at Bombardier and the supply chain who have strived over the past years to bring this fantastic aircraft to the world. The A220 now enters a new phase in its career with all Airbus’ resources behind it to further its commercial success worldwide.”

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Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Nelson Mandela Centenary: Six places to visit that are connected to Madiba’s legacy.

Robben Island / stockphoto
If you want to learn more about Nelson Mandela and his fascinating story, here six places of important historical significance to Madiba and his fight for freedom.

This year, 2018, marks the centenary of the birth of Nelson Mandela. Born on 18 July, this month presents an opportunity for both South Africans and the international community to celebrate the legacy of Madiba.

In honour of Mandela’s revolutionary spirit and his undying quest for knowledge, we have compiled a list of six South African places to visit that are intrinsically connected to the great liberator and his fascinating journey.

These areas associated with Madiba form pieces of a historical puzzle, pieced together through struggle and determination, revealing a portrait of truth and its freedom.

From humble beginnings as a cowherd working the vast grasslands of the rural Eastern Cape, where Madiba learnt patience and resolve as a child, developing into a proud and honest servant of the struggle in his later life. The landscape of South Africa is dotted with pockets of grace, inhabited and touched by Madiba’s legacy.

By Luke Daniel.

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Monday, 9 July 2018

Ryanair in plea to pilots as families face strike chaos.

Ryanair's CEO Michael O'Leary.
Photo: AFP/Getty Images
A strike on Thursday by almost 100 Ryanair staff pilots based in Ireland "looks inevitable", according to trade union Fórsa. There was no contact between the two sides over the weekend.

But Ryanair still doesn't know which flights it will have to cancel during the 24-hour strike. The airline operates dozens of flights in and out of Dublin alone on a typical summer's day, carrying thousands of passengers.

Ryanair has scrambled to find replacements for the pilots who will be striking this week.

It has urged cockpit crew who are not striking and who are not rostered to work that day to volunteer for duty.

"In order to minimise disruptions to our Irish customers, we need to plan what services we can operate next Thursday," it told pilots in a circular.

By John Mulligan.
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Friday, 6 July 2018

Brits could face prison sentences for vaping abroad - the rules you need to know.

(Image: PA)
Vaping and e-cigarettes are illegal in some countries so make sure you know the rules before you travel.

Three million Brits who vape risk a prison sentence of up to 10 years if they take their e-cig to a host of holiday hotspots.

Recent months as families plan summer getaways India and the Philippines have joined Vietnam in introducing jail sentences simply for packing a vape kit.

There has been a 50% increase in e-cigarette users in four years with many of the UK’s 2.8 million vapers using them to quit more harmful tobacco smoking.

Hundreds of thousands of vapers will travel abroad this summer, potentially unaware of the draconian laws.
Parts of India have effectively banned vaping and in one case a man was jailed for three years, based on a 78-year-old law.

Vapers in the Philippines could face up to four months in jail due to a new ban on vaping in public spaces.

By Martin Bagot.
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Thursday, 5 July 2018

Louvre sets up Beyonce and Jay-Z art tour.

The Louvre has dedicated a new art tour to Beyonce and Jay-Z after pop's biggest power couple shot the video for their latest hit in the Paris museum.

The R'n'B stars' hit song "Apeshit" -- which used some of the museum's greatest masterpieces as backdrops -- has been viewed 56 million times on YouTube alone since it was released a fortnight ago.

Now the Louvre, which already has a tour based on the US rapper will.i.am's hit "Smile Mona Lisa", has created another based on the Carters' night in the museum.

It follows the video through 17 paintings and sculptures which feature in the six-minute clip, going from the monumental white Greek marble "Nike of Samothrace" to Marie Benoist's "Portrait of a Negress".

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