Friday, 21 September 2018

Ryanair: Italy investigate hand luggage cost while airline makes £1.8 billion from charges.

Ryanair: The new hand luggage costs are being
investigated by the Italian watchdog Antitrust
(Image: Getty)

RYANAIR is currently being investigated by Italian watchdog Antitrust following the airline’s change to hand luggage costs. Antitrust warn it is “unfair commercial practice” to charge for suitcases onboard.

Ryanair recently announced changes to their hand luggage allowance for passengers travelling with them.

They are the first airline in the UK to change for hand luggage, costing between £6 and £8 depending on the option chosen.

Passengers can only take a small handbag with them for free which fits under a seat.

By Kara Godfrey.
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Thursday, 20 September 2018

The 10 dishes you cannot leave Italy without eating.

Continuing our series on the greatest delicacies in our favourite holiday destinations, Tim Jepson selects his 10 favourite Italian dishes. 

1. Pesto alla Genovese.

What makes it great.

Like many Italian specialities, pesto (from the Italian pestare, to crush or grind) has long outgrown its original home, the port city of Genoa. And like many Italian specialities, its culinary genius lies in its simplicity – just basil, garlic, sea salt, Parmesan, pine nuts and olive oil.

By Tim Jepson.
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Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Qantas scraps music from in-flight entertainment on domestic flights.

A Qantas review of its in-flight entertainment offerings
found fewer than 10 per cent of passengers
used the music or radio channels.
Photo: Craig Platt

If you're someone who enjoys tuning into new and classic music through Qantas' in-flight entertainment system, it turns out you're in a minority.

Such a small minority, in fact, that Qantas has decided to scrap its music and radio offerings on board domestic flights.

The airline said this week that a review of its in-flight entertainment offering found that fewer than 10 per cent of passengers were listening to its on-demand music and radio channels.

BY Craig Platt.
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Tuesday, 18 September 2018

Chinese flight attendant fired after getting engaged during flight.


A China Eastern Airlines flight attendant has been fired from her job after she got proposed to on board a flight.

According to, the unnamed female flight attendant had received a dismissal letter after the incident in May.

30 minutes into takeoff, the woman's boyfriend decided to ask her to marry him, in front of the passengers. She said yes, adding "I really didn't know my boyfriend will be proposing to me on this flight, thanks for being my witnesses."

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Monday, 17 September 2018

Why do commercial jet aircraft have a hole in their tail?

That's the vent for the exhaust from the auxiliary power unit (APU), a small turbine that sits in the tail cone.

The APU provides electrical power for the aircraft's electronics, airconditioning, cabin lighting and other electrical systems when the aircraft is on the ground.

A parked aircraft can also draw power from the electric grid or from a portable ground power unit (GPU) but when that's not available the APU is called into action.

By Michael Gebicki.
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Friday, 14 September 2018

Jet2 hand luggage rules explained: How much can be taken onboard for free?

JET2 PASSENGERS heading abroad later this year could be confused by the hand luggage restrictions for the low-cost airline, which differs from other carriers. How much can be taken onboard for free?

Jet2 is one of the largest airlines in the UK, as well as being named one of the most punctual airlines.

The airline flies to a number of destinations across Europe, making it a popular option for British travellers.

However, many low-cost carriers have made changes to their hand luggage rules regarding what can be taken onboard for free.

By Kara Godfrey.
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Thursday, 13 September 2018

British Airways Flight Does Emergency Landing After Fumes Fill The Cockpit.

All passengers were safely
deplaned ( Twitter/@kivalliqboy )

Pilots needed to use oxygen masks during the incident.

A British Airways flight from London to Calgary had to make an emergency landing in Nunavut, Canada, after the cockpit reportedly filled with fumes and a burning smell.

Pilots had to don oxygen masks during the incident, according to photojournalist and aviation photographer Tom Podolec.

He tweeted: “British Airways #BA103 from London to Calgary diverted to Iqaluit. Reported fumes in the cockpit. Pilots were on oxygen. Fire department at the aircraft. Fumes said to be electrical burning smell in nature. Aircraft stopped on the runway.”

By Helen Coffey.
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Wednesday, 12 September 2018

Cruise Ships Change Their Itineraries to Avoid Florence.

A number of cruise ships have changed their itineraries as the monster storm Hurricane Florence makes its way towards the east cost of the USA.

Florence is expected to ravage coastal areas of the US when it makes landfall between Thursday evening and Friday night.

Evacuation orders for more than one million people are in effect, with the National Hurricane Centre predicting its winds could reach up to 150-155mph.

Many cruise ships have been forced to change their itineraries to protect their passengers with many thousands of holidaymakers affected by the route changes of several major cruise companies.

Among the changes have been that of Norwegian Cruise Line’s Norwegian Escape, headed for Bermuda, which was forced to divert to the Bahamas after leaving New York on Sunday.

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