Friday, 18 January 2019

Why you have to put phones on airplane mode during flights explained by a pilot.

You need WiFi if you want to share your
social media pics on board (Image: Getty Images)

Passengers are told to put their phones on airplane mode or turn them off but what happens if you don't follow the rules?

Switching your mobile phone to airplane mode is one of the golden rules of flying, especially if you plan to still keep on using your device to watch downloads or play games.

However, it does limit what you can do with your device as, unless there's on-board WiFi, some of your apps and social media feeds won't work.

But what happens if people decide to leave their phone off airplane mode and bend the rules, or even if you forget to switch?

By Julie Delahaye.
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Thursday, 17 January 2019

Thai Lion Air applies more restrictive baggage policy.

Thai Lion Air advises passengers to purchase pre-paid a
baggage allowance for checked baggage and
sports equipment. (Shutterstock/File)
Thai Lion Air, an affiliate of Indonesia’s largest private carrier, Lion Air, has introduced a new baggage policy.

Passengers who purchase tickets from Jan. 15 onward are entitled to one main piece of cabin baggage not exceeding 7 kilograms and 40 x 30 x 20 centimeters, as well as one additional personal item, such as a laptop bag and handbag.

The airline said in a statement received by The Jakarta Post on Tuesday that the passengers would need to get a cabin baggage label to avoid excess baggage at boarding gates.

By The Jakarta Post.
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Wednesday, 16 January 2019

All the beautiful ladies.

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After a devastating hurricane, an island on its way back.

For as long as I can remember growing up in Puerto Rico, El Morro, the indestructible fort with the endless lawns at the entrance to San Juan harbour , was where you went to fly a kite. And on a recent sunny afternoon, just as expected, a couple and their young son were there trying to catch an updraft to loft a plastic butterfly with a long blue tail into the sky.

On Fortaleza Street, an art installation of colourful umbrellas hovered above pedestrians, triggering countless selfies. A short ferry ride away from the old city, at the Bacardí rum distillery in the town of Cataño, visitors sipped cocktails in an open-air pavilion with a roof shaped like a bat in flight.

But as Puerto Rico tries to come back as a premier Caribbean destination after the devastation wrought by Hurricane Maria in September 2017, just a short drive from the pricey beachfront hotels, hundreds of residents are still living under leaky tarps, their poverty on display in glaring bright blue.

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Tuesday, 15 January 2019

Strike by German airport security staff causes travel chaos.

BERLIN (AP) — Flights across Germany are facing disruption after security staff at eight airports went on strike over pay.

The ver.di union on Tuesday called on staff at airports including Frankfurt, Hamburg, Hannover and Bremen to walk off the job between 2 a.m. and 8 p.m. local time (0100 and 1900 GMT).

German news agency dpa is reporting that in Frankfurt alone 570 flights will be canceled and that up to 220,000 passengers may be affected.

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Monday, 14 January 2019

World's 10 best animal migrations.

African flamingos in Lake Nakuru
national park reserve. Kenya.

See some of the world's best displays of nature on the planet.

In one of the largest and certainly the most concentrated migration events anywhere, some 10 million straw-coloured fruit bats converge on a small patch of swamp forest in Kasanka National Park in northern Zambia in November and early December to feast on their favourite ripening musuku fruit. Their sheer weight makes trees droop and occasionally breaks branches. Sunrise and sunset provide the awesome spectacle of the bats in the air. See

Millions of red crabs emerge from the forest and invade Christmas Island's beaches to lay their eggs during November or December, though the exact timing depends on rainfall and the phases of the moon. There are so many crabs that roads often have to be shut down. In February, there's the further spectacle of baby red crabs emerging from the ocean to start the cycle all over again. See

By Brian Johnston.
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Friday, 11 January 2019

Woman with lingerie and man with drug habit among people refused entry to NZ.

A woman carrying a large quantity of lingerie and leather, as well as a man who admitted to regularly using class A drugs were among thousands of people refused entry into New Zealand in the past year.

The woman from Estonia said she was coming to New Zealand from London on a holiday, Immigration New Zealand's annual report said.

But when she arrived in Auckland, the Risk Targeting Programme identified she has been to New Zealand in the past on a working holiday visa. Customs officers searched her luggage and found a large quantity of lingerie and leather outfits.

By Danielle Clent.
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Thursday, 10 January 2019

Strike by German airport security staff causes travel chaos.

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BERLIN (AP) — A one-day strike by security staff at three German airports on Thursday is causing travel chaos for tens of thousands of travelers.

The ver.di union called on staff at airports in Duesseldorf, Cologne-Bonn and Stuttgart to walk off the job all day, leading to hundreds of flights being canceled.

The German news agency dpa reported that 350 flights were canceled at Duesseldorf, 142 at Stuttgart and 131 at Cologne-Bonn.

Up to 110,000 passengers may be affected only by the cancelations at those three airports, according to dpa.

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