Saturday, 9 January 2016

This Man Drove a Million Miles To Save 30,000 Dogs.

Who can resist this face? (Photo: Rescue Road Trips)
Greg Mahle drives a tractor trailer 4,200 miles across the country twice a month. He’s not carrying supplies for a major retailer or delivering packages for a shipping company.

He has precious cargo on every trip—dozens of dogs in need of a good home.

Mahle runs Rescue Road Trips, which takes abandoned dogs from the South and matches them up with new owners in the North. Mahle saw a supply and demand need in the dog rescue world. There’s just way more abandoned dogs in the South than in the North. So after being in the restaurant business in Ohio for 30 years he began picking up dogs and delivering them to their new owners.

By Stephanie Gaskell.
Full story at Yahoo News.

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