Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Window or Aisle? What your seat on a plane says about you.

Thought you choose your plane seat according to space and legroom? Think again, say these experts.

Window seat fans. Some are born, some become them, some have fandom thrust upon them.

And, some psychologists say, there might be a reason for that. People who select window seats are “selfish” and “controlling”, they say – and those who prefer aisle seats are more likely to be introverts. More fool you for thinking it was all about legroom.

The psychology of plane seats has been doing the rounds for several years, but, interestingly, experts – or, at least, those happy to talk about it – always seem to draw the same conclusions. There might be a reason for that – the seat you choose, psychologist Jonathan Bricker has said in the past, is “a rare opportunity to have some control over your environment when travelling.” 

By Julia Buckley.

Full story at Independent.

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