Friday, 15 December 2017

New Elections in Barcelona May Restore Tranquility and Tourism to Region.

Many Americans traveling to Spain for the first time visit Barcelona. This beautiful port city is situated in the autonomous region of Catalonia. But the city famous for the modernist architecture of Antoni Gaudi has been mired in chaos lately.

Barcelona's Casa Mila
In fact, since Oct. 1, 2017, nearly 3,000 major companies have left Barcelona. The violence and unrest propelled them to establish either new headquarters or branch offices in some of Spain’s other serene autonomous regions.    

But unless you love Spain, as I do, or unless you’re a student of the Spanish language, history, and culture, the volatile situation is not clear. What is clear is that a region-wide election on Dec. 21 is expected to return Barcelona and Catalonia to normalcy.

Having traveled to Spain several times and having written about Barcelona’s famed cathedral, the Sagrada Familia and other landmarks, I’m hoping the election will usher in a new, democratic local government (the Generalitat) that works to preserve Spain’s unity. 

Political predictions aside, I think it would be appropriate to relate a brief history on the rich and prosperous Catalonia region, which was once part of the vast and ancient kingdom of Aragon. 

By Rosie Carbo.

Full story at Wandering Educators.

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