Monday, 15 January 2018

The best countries to travel to this year if you want to make a positive impact.

Colourful sails on the beach just outside St John’s in
Dickenson Bay, Antigua (Getty Images)
2017 was the year when cities fought back against overcrowding caused by visitors, while tourism in other parts of the world suffered natural and man-made disasters. This is the year to make your tourist footfall count.

Caribbean calling
The Caribbean was hit hard by hurricanes Irma and Maria last September but tourist dollars will play an important part in the region’s recovery.

Some islands, such as Antigua, suffered minimal damage and yet fearful holidaymakers have stayed away. Make the most of the quiet beaches (they won’t stay that way for long) while having a positive impact on the economy, particularly if your money goes towards helping sister island Barbuda’s recovery.

By Nick Boulos.
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