Monday, 19 February 2018

The most beautiful hotel in Brazil?

In the tranqil Brazilian town of Trancoso, designer Wilbert Das works hand in hand with local artisans on the continuing evolution of Uxua Hotel

The picturesque town of Trancoso, on Bahia's tropical coast, inspires a loyal following. Blessed with a welcoming climate and a unique, seductive charm all of its own, Trancoso draws in creative-minded people and bohemian adventurers willing to make a long journey for rich rewards. A place of infectious calm and delightful modesty, this is where worries fall away and even the teenagers leave their phones in their pockets.

No wonder that Dutch designer and hotelier Wilbert Das was hooked from his very first visit, back in 2004. Having spent 20 years as creative director of the Italian fashion brand Diesel, Wilbert has always been a traveller. Yet his first visit to Bahia was life changing and led, step by step, to the decision to open Trancoso's premier hotel, UXUA - a word that means 'wonderful' in the local Pataxó language.

By Dominic Bradbury.
Full story at House and garden.

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