Wednesday, 28 February 2018

US woman says she was groped on a Delta flight, then told to return to her seat.

A US woman says she awoke on an overnight Delta flight to a man squeezing her crotch, and then leaning on top of her as she struggled to get out of her aisle seat.

Allison Dvaladze ran and asked flight attendants for help, she said, but was told that such assaults are quite common, and was later asked to return to her seat.

Nearly two years after she says she watched the man walk off the plane unhindered, Dvaladze sued Delta Air Lines in federal court on Tuesday - unsatisfied with the frequent flier miles she says the airline offered for the inconvenience of a sexual assault.

Dvaladze, who lives outside Seattle, was bound for Amsterdam and then East Africa on April 15, 2016.

By Avi Selk.

Full story at Stuff.

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