Monday, 12 March 2018

5 irresistible reasons to visit Perth, Western Australia.

With new direct flights from the UK to Perth, the sun, food and wildlife of Western Australia’s vibrant capital is closer than ever. Here's why you need to get there now.

1: The beaches

Officially Australia’s sunniest city, Perth also boasts over 19 beaches within easy reach of the city. Each one has its own special characteristics. All offer dazzling white sand and ridiculously clear blue water.
Cottesloe Beach is the most famous, a popular swimming and picnicking spot backed by a grassy hillside, Norfolk pines, and an impossibly picturesque pavilion. You can spend an entire day snorkelling, surfing or swimming here, before retiring to a restaurant to watch the sun set over the Indian Ocean, a glass of Margaret River’s finest in hand.
Just south of Cottesloe you’ll find Leighton Beach, a longer, less crowded beach that's popular with kite surfers and dog owners. Mettams Pool is the best place to don your snorkel. The platform reef just offshore is home to fish, octopuses, starfish, sea fans and grasses.

2: The wildlife

With its vast parks, nature reserves and beaches, it comes as no surprise that wildlife is never far away in Perth. Take a stroll through any city park and you’re guaranteed to be ‘serenaded’ by flocks of raucous colourful rosellas, galahs and cockatoos. 
Wildlife abounds on the islands around Perth too. Heirisson Island, an island in the Swan River between the suburbs of East Perth and Victoria Park, is a nature reserve where kangaroos roam freely. Penguin Island, just off the coast, is home to 1,200 little penguins as well as dolphins and stingrays. Easily reached by ferry, it is a popular place to swim with dolphins.

By Wanderlust team
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