Monday, 19 March 2018

How to Find the Best Restaurant Wherever You Are, According to Anthony Bourdain.

“Food is the easiest window into a culture and the most direct expression of character and history of a place,” says Anthony Bourdain. And he should know. As an former professional chef and now travel TV host, he’s visited roughly 120 countries over the years.

Yet with so many choices these days, it can be frustrating (and tedious) to find great restaurants when you’re traveling. Here’s a Bourdain-approved cheat sheet.

1. No Photos

“You want to go to a place where there’s locals only. No photos of the food, the menu is not in English and there are people eating there that look like they go there a lot.”

2. Look for Just Three Things

“My favorite restaurants are ones where they only do two or three things. A place that does three things and it looks like they’ve been doing those same three things for a very long time—that’s a really healthy sign. If they have a menu that’s all over the place, if they have a hamburger or Asian fusion and it’s not in Asia, these are all worrisome to me.”

Full story at Time.
By Megan Leonhardt.

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