Thursday, 1 March 2018

Welcome to America's smallest town, population - 1: Monowi's only resident is the mayor, treasurer, librarian and bartender.

At the age of 84, Elsie Eiler is still the proud mayor of her hometown of Monowi in Nebraska.

But not only is she the town's mayor, she is also the village clerk, treasurer, the smartest, the wealthiest and the youngest resident.

This is because she is the only person who lives in Monowi, making it the smallest town in the whole of the U.S.
A 2000 census revealed that Monowi's population used to be two - but that other person was Mrs Eiler’s husband, Rudy, who died in 2004.

Despite her husband's death Mrs Eiler decided to stay in Monowi, declaring it was her home.

By Jennifer Newtown.

Full story at Daily Mail.

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