Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Russia WARNING: Obscure laws that could land YOU in jail in World Cup host nation.

RUSSIA and UK relations have become fraught in recent months following the poisoning of ex-Russian agents on UK soil, prompting Russian diplomats to be dispelled from the country. Yet any travellers heading to the country, particularly for the World Cup, should also take note of these bizarre laws.

Russia is home to the World Cup 2018, taking place between June 14 and July 15.

Many tourists from around the world will be flocking to the country to watch, with UK holidaymakers expected.
Yet a recent threat from Russian football hooligans has warned they will “unleash hell” and shed blood on UK tourists during the event.

This isn’t the only travel concern when visiting the country, as Russia has a number of unusual laws that could see travellers fined or even jailed.

British tourists should make sure they’re aware of local customs and rules before visiting Russia.

By Kara Godfrey.

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