Thursday, 12 April 2018

Travels with Godzilling: the filmmaker putting a monster-sized stamp on his holiday snaps.

Tired of having strangers take inadequate shots of him on his solo travels, Kieran Murray decided to enlist the help of an unusual travel companion. 

The 27-year-old filmmaker from Brisbane bought a toy monster from a comic book store in Chicago whose fierce appearance belies his 15 centimetre stature, the Daily Mail reported.  

"Travelling on your own is awesome, but it can be frustrating to have a stranger take a photo of you that is framed awfully or out of focus," he said on online portfolio site Behance. "I came across this plastic souvenir... and decided that it was easier to take photos of it in front of the landmarks instead." 

Naming the creature Ryan Godzilling, he took it wherever he went: to London, Madrid, Amsterdam and on his coast-to-coast travels across the US. 

Full story at Traveller

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