Monday, 14 May 2018

Japan Airlines is launching a new low-cost carrier to tap into growing Asian demand for budget travel.

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Japan Airlines (JAL) is launching a low-cost carrier offering medium to long-haul flights, aiming to tap into growing Asian demand for budget air travel.

The new airline will be based at Narita International Airport in Tokyo and will offer flights to Asia, Europe and the Americas, the carrier announced today.

The as-yet unnamed airline plans to start flying in the summer of 2020 with two wide-body Boeing 787-8 aircraft.

JAL will invest 10 billion yen to 20 billion yen ($91.44 million to $182.88 million) in the business, with the aim of reaching profitability within three years from the launch, the company said.

Budget flights have been slow to take off in Japan, which is dominated by full-service carriers JAL and All Nipon Airways (ANA), and the country has a sophisticated high-speed rail network.

But with growing numbers of Asian travellers taking to the air, the two Japanese airlines are looking to expand their low-cost offerings.

By Jennifer Newtown.
Full story at Daily Mail.

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