Monday, 11 June 2018

Flight attendants reveal how they get revenge on annoying passengers during a flight.

Cabin crew have revealed how they get their own back on rude or disruptive passengers

Cabin crew have to put up with a lot, whether facing annoying passengers or dealing with people's strange attempts to get an upgrade .
Even when someone is being particularly rude or disruptive, flight attendants are expected to deal with it calmly and with a smile - but that doesn't mean they can't get their own back.

After all, they run the cabin during your journey, so it's best to keep them on side.

If you don't, there are plenty of ways they can get revenge; and some are so subtle you won't be able to complain, but it will make your in-flight experience that little bit more tedious.

Now, one flight attendant has revealed just how they get even.

By Julie Delahaye.
Full story at Mirror.

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