Monday, 4 June 2018

Love Island has sparked a 23 per cent increase in people flying to Mallorca.

The fourth season of the hit reality TV show starts tonight.

Tonight’s the night the country has been waiting for – the return of the unexpectedly beloved reality show Love Island.
For those who haven’t made the foray into the six-nights-per-week series, Love Island places a bunch of young, attractive Brits in a Mallorcan mansion for a few weeks and they couple up. The public slowly votes the couples out until there is one pair left standing – who have the chance to win £50,000.

Yet, while the BAFTA-winning show draws in a record number of viewers (last year’s finale brought in the biggest audience in ITV2’s history), it’s also having an influence on our travel habits.

New research from has revealed there’s been a 23 per cent increase in Brits travelling to Mallorca this year compared to last year.

By Laura Hampson.

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