Friday, 6 July 2018

Brits could face prison sentences for vaping abroad - the rules you need to know.

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Vaping and e-cigarettes are illegal in some countries so make sure you know the rules before you travel.

Three million Brits who vape risk a prison sentence of up to 10 years if they take their e-cig to a host of holiday hotspots.

Recent months as families plan summer getaways India and the Philippines have joined Vietnam in introducing jail sentences simply for packing a vape kit.

There has been a 50% increase in e-cigarette users in four years with many of the UK’s 2.8 million vapers using them to quit more harmful tobacco smoking.

Hundreds of thousands of vapers will travel abroad this summer, potentially unaware of the draconian laws.
Parts of India have effectively banned vaping and in one case a man was jailed for three years, based on a 78-year-old law.

Vapers in the Philippines could face up to four months in jail due to a new ban on vaping in public spaces.

By Martin Bagot.
Full story at Mirror.

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