Thursday, 2 August 2018

The New Travel Agency That's Using Tourism To Support Huma Rights In Colombia.

Justice Travel is running its maiden
tour in the outskirts of Bogota
( Getty Images/iStockphoto )

The town of Soacha, on the southern outskirts of Colombia’s capital Bogota, doesn’t receive many leisure visitors. Home to thousands of people displaced by the country’s long civil war, Soacha is seen as highly dangerous by many Bogota residents. Gangs, guerrillas and paramilitaries are said to be active in the area – all of which makes it an unusual destination for a tourist trip. 

But Soacha, and the nearby Sumapaz P├íramo – a type of plateau unique to Latin America and a biodiversity hotspot – are the destinations of the maiden tour of Justice Travel, a new travel agency which claims to use tourism to support human rights. 

The company – made up largely of former humanitarian workers – says it goes much further than other ethical travel operators. 

By Will Worley.
Full story at The Independent.

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