Thursday, 13 December 2018

The 15 most popular tourist destinations of 2018.

Based on how many people have taken Ubers there...

Everyone knows the monuments, buildings and landmarks in world-famous cities that you're definitely supposed to tick off your bucket list. But, how do we know the ones which are actually visited?

Taxi app Uber has released a list of the top 15 tourist destinations around the world, in order of the number of Uber rides taken to each landmark over the past 11 months (from January 1, 2018 to December 1, 2018). The company say there are more than 15 million Uber trips each day, with residents in the US, Brazil and India amassing the most mileage.

Here are the landmarks people are jumping in taxis to visit:

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Wednesday, 12 December 2018

Christmas Market terror: How Google Maps could help YOU prepare for a terrorist attack.

Christmas Market terror: A travel expert has
given practical advice for tourists (Image: Getty Images)

CHRISTMAS Market season is well underway for 2018, with millions of Britons expected to enjoy festivities around the world. Last night, Strasbourg Christmas Market was the scene of a suspected terror attack. A travel expert has advised how using Google Maps could help visitors to the Markets stay safe.

Christmas Markets are a highlight of the season for many families in the UK and Europe, with millions of Britons planning to enjoy what the UK and abroad have to offer this winter. But sadly the markets have become a target for terror, with the Berlin terror attack at the Christmas Market in December 2016, killing 12 and injuring 56 people. More recently, it was reported that several people were hurt at a Christmas market in Strasbourg, France last night, December 11. A "serious public security incident" was announced in the city, and residents were urged to stay indoors.

The Deputy Mayor of Strasbourg, Alain Fontanel, tweeted that there had been a shooting in downtown Strasbourg. One local reporter claimed that "a dozen" shots had been fired - two or three to begin with, followed by bursts.

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By Lauren O’Callaghan.

Tuesday, 11 December 2018

Passengers' most annoying airport habits revealed - how many are you guilty of?

Passengers' most annoying airport habits have been revealed and we're all guilty of some of them, but how many of the common sins have you committed?

Travelling through an airport can sometimes be a stressful experience as you navigate long queues, flight delays and busy waiting areas.
But sometimes it's not the airport itself that's causing issues, but rather your fellow passengers ignoring those unspoken 'airport etiquette' rules.

You know who we mean. That person who thinks queues don't apply to them, or the one who takes a ridiculously long time to get their passport out at border control, as if the checks have come as a surprise.

By Julie Delahaye.
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Monday, 10 December 2018

German rail strikes cause widespread delays.

German rail travelers face heavy delays in the run-up to Christmas. On Monday, workers went on a nationwide four-hour strike, with all long-distance trains canceled. It comes after salary talks broke down last week.

Long-distance rail travel came to a halt across Germany on Monday morning, with regional trains also heavily affected, especially in North Rhine-Westphalia, Bavaria and the southwestern cities of Karlsruhe and Mannheim. There were also cancellations in Mecklenburg Western-Pomerania, Hamburg and Lower Saxony.

Services slowly resumed after 9 a.m. but disruptions are set to continue throughout the day, rail operator Deutsche Bahn said.

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Friday, 7 December 2018

Tourism and marine parks threaten Thailand's 'people of the sea'

When Sutem Lakkao's grandmother and father died, they were buried much as their ancestors had been: on the beach, close to their beloved boats so they could listen to the waves and watch over the Chao Lay community of fisherfolk in their afterlife.

But when his time comes, Sutem will be laid to rest in a cemetery where all he will hear is the roar of traffic on Phuket, Thailand's largest island and a key tourism destination.

The land in which Sutem's ancestors were buried now heaves with daytrippers taking selfies, while the Urak Lawoi community of the Chao Lay are confined to a small patch of Phuket's Rawai beach that is also claimed by developers and individuals.

By Rina Chandran.
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Thursday, 6 December 2018

This is how you can get free travel to see your family this Christmas.

National Express is hoping to reunite some long-distance families.

Travel can easily be one of the most expensive parts about Christmas. Whether it's petrol costs to drive to the other end of the country and back or pricey train tickets for the whole family, getting to see family can sometimes seem just too costly.

Hoping to relieve some of the festive costs and reunite families, National Express has opened up an online competition, hoping to find one family to offer free travel to.

Families who fit the criteria can enter the competition on the National Express website, with details of the last time you were all together as a family, and what you did.

By Isabella Sullivan.
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Wednesday, 5 December 2018

Ryanair to face action over refusal to compensate passengers for strike delays.

It's facing enforcement action

The CAA said it does not believe the strikes are "extraordinary circumstances", as Ryanair has previously claimed.

Ryanair is facing enforcement action by the airline regulator over its refusal to compensate passengers for flight disruption caused by staff taking strike action.

The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) said the low-cost airline has rejected compensation claims and has now ended its agreement with AviationADR - a CAA-approved body for alternative dispute resolution of passenger complaints.

The CAA said it does not believe the strikes are "extraordinary circumstances", as Ryanair has claimed, and are therefore not exempt, meaning its customers should be compensated.

By Holly Williams.
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Tuesday, 4 December 2018


Thousands of prospective visitors have had their travel plans wrecked by insistence on full birth certificate

The South African government has finally bowed to demands from the nation’s tourism industry to relax the world’s most draconian immigration rules for families.

In June 2015, the South African Department of Home Affairs brought in new rules intended to combat child abduction and trafficking of young people. 

Every under-18 arriving in South Africa was required to present an unabridged birth certificate, which includes the parents’ details. Many British families have only a “short” certificate, with details only of the child, because this is the one provided for free when a birth is registered.

By Simon Calder.
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Monday, 3 December 2018

Richard Branson to take submarine down 'The Great Blue Hole', world's largest sinkhole in Belize.

The Great Blue Hole off the coast of Belize.
it's large enough to fit two Boeing 747 jumbo jets inside.

It looks, at first, like a giant, flat, ink blot in the sea, but underneath this sinkhole – the largest in the world – is a cavern large enough to swallow two Boeing 747s with room to spare.

Famed marine explorer Jacques Cousteau didn't discover the sinkhole, located in the Caribbean sea off the coast of Belize, but he did name it "The Great Blue Hole" in 1971, and it's been a magnet for scuba divers ever since.

Now, in the first mission of its kind, Cousteau's grandson and Sir Richard Branson are plunging to the deep, dark bottom of it in a submarine as part of an expedition that will be streamed live and broadcasted globally on the Discovery Channel.

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By Annabel Fenwick Elliott.

Friday, 30 November 2018

World's best stopover destination revealed and here's how to make the most of a visit.

Morning on Amsterdam Canal
(Image: Michael Eric Hood)

World's best stopover destination has been revealed for passengers and here's how to make the most of i

Amsterdam has been named the world's best stopover destination for passengers looking to break up long journeys with a mini city break.

The Dutch capital topped the list out of 38 major airports around the world, in a new survey from

The research looked at a host of factors including the cost and distance of a transfer from the airport to the nearest city, type of public transport available, minutes to the city centre, destinations the airport has flights to, and the number of airlines offering a free stopover.

By Julie Delahaye.
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